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Proudly Made in Texas, USA

The Fabricators best friend

The versatile, easy to use welding table that will become one of the most valuable tools in your shop(the story). Its unique geometric pattern gives you numerous angular possibilities for welding, bending, or cutting. Our unique clamping system is simple and fast, making part changes quick and easy.


The benefit of this table is to save you time in setups and production so you can improve your bottom line and/or have a competitive advantage when quoting. We recognize that in order to save you money, we needed to keep this as affordable as possible. So we offer each item as individual components, so that you can buy only what you need and add optional items when or if needed.


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The new welding table for welding, bending or cutting. Simply inserting pins into the array of holes allows for precise angular work holding. Fast and easy clamping with no tools required. Made in the USA